Our Board

Bill Wich

Bill Wich has been a full leader, Leader Body Chair and Curriculum Chair in the Mankind Project. He has helped develop numerous trainings including “Next Step,” the “H.E.R. Training”, and the “Mystic Warrior” workshops. As a highly skilled teacher, facilitator and practitioner of hypnotherapy, Bill brings a powerful presence and a deep heartfelt compassion to the work.  Over two + decades he has developed his own unique healing approach and theory of how the universe truly works. His Mission is to co-create an enlightened culture through healing and communication.

Steve Spitzer

Steve Spitzer is a Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University where he has taught, researched and written on crime, justice and social control for over three decades. In 2002, he founded the Jericho Circle Project, a non-profit organization that seeks to “bring down the walls” by creating men’s support groups in correctional facilities. Since the project began, more than a thousand incarcerated men have sat in Jericho Circles in 7 correctional institutions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Jericho Circle Project has also created and staffed a variety of intensive weekend workshops in both state and federal correctional settings and actively supported the development of similar programs in California, New York, Texas and Wisconsin. Steve is currently working on a book on how Jericho Circles support incarcerated men in “flipping” their old scripts and finding new meaning in their lives.


Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate. -John F. Kennedy
Abdul’Hafeedh bin’Abdullah also known as Shauku, is an Alumni of Inside Circle Foundation’s weekly men’s group at New Folsom State Prison. Shauku entered California Department of Corrections at age seventeen to serve an eight year sentence for a gang related charge of attempted murder. Around 1999 Shauku met Rob Albee, joined the men’s circle and has been connected to the brotherhood, family, organization every since.

Released from prison in 2003, Shauku has since successfully discharged parole, gotten married and had three children, and is very active in the community where he resides in Portland, Oregon. He is currently applying to graduate school and has earned a BA in Social Science from Portland State University with special focus on Community Development. He is the Amir/Assistant Imam of the Muslim Community Center of Portland, where he is administrative manager, community outreach coordinator and direct assistant to Director/Inam.

Shauku is also a health worker and coalition member at Multnomah County’s Health Department and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, STRYVE,’Striving To Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere’. STRYVE is a national campaign that aims to prevent violence in communities before it starts, seeking to remedy root causes of violence through comprehensive method of research, community engagement and empowerment. This initiative is connected to cutting edge research and efforts are being made to synchronize this work with Portland State Universities Master in Public Health program that he hopes to attend beginning Fall of 2014. Shauku also enjoys being a Spiritual Life Coach and facilitating one on one and group sessions with youth and adults in crisis.

Bharataji Tony Joplin, C.A.M.C

BharatajiBharataji is a lead facilitator at ICF having helped bring success to our program in Folsom State Prison. He has recently been appointed to our board since ICF’s expansion into San Quentin. Bharataji is also Co-founder, President and lead facilitator of Dhyan Group which specializes in all areas of human development including substance abuse, conflict resolution and crisis intervention. Bharataji holds a Counselors Certification in Anger Management, and has spent many years as Center Director & Chief Operating Officer of The ManKind Project in Chicago; an internationally recognized men’s experiential training organization, including the New Warrior Training Adventure which he has led. He is also a member of Inward Journey/Underground Railroad and a leader in the Chicago branch of this organization.