Our Staff

Rob Allbee – Founder and Wisdom Keeper

Robert S. Allbee has been the Executive Director/Founder of the Inside Circle Foundation, a not for profit prison outreach program, since 1997. Prior to that he volunteered as a creative writing instructor through the Arts-in-Corrections program at Folsom Prison and had extensive experience facilitating men’s groups. Since his recovery from the criminality and drug abuse of his younger life he has launched and operates Allbee Construction as a successful building contractor specializing in timber frame custom homes. As the father of three adult sons and grandfather he dedicates most of his time now to his family and mentoring men from the streets and in prison. He is the author of three books of poetry and prose entitled “Digging In The Dirt”, “My Grandfather’s House” and “Lion That Catches Fire”. With a new book due out next year he continues ongoing reading and speaking engagements.

James McLeary, Psy.D., MJ – CEO

James McLeary holds graduate degrees in health law and clinical psychology. He has worked with management teams in educational, corporate, and government institutions providing clarity and insight into communication and solution strategies. His experience ranges from leading educational corporate seminars, to providing crisis management in correctional institutions with members of organized crime. His company is designed to explore Human Involution in individuals and groups, and is a principal consultant at JMC Strategic Solutions

BJ Wasserman – Executive Director

BJ brings a unique blend of gifts to his Executive Director role at Inside Circle Foundation. With his Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology he offers a thorough understanding of human behavior and pattern formations. His Business Administration degree befits his position of leadership within ICF. He is an engaging professional speaker, clinician and group facilitator, yet it is his genuine heart that allows him to reach the expansive audience that he does. BJ’s broad experience in the workplace is grounded in team building and optimizing interpersonal relationships. He is a successful Organizational Development Consultant and promotes harmony through modeling respect and trust. His professional skills translate into solid ground within his group facilitations and intimate therapy work.

BJ’s uncontrived calming presence breeds authenticity, integrity and confidence building skills; his genuineness fosters trust and confidentiality. In turn, this unconditional belief in others to transform beyond trauma leads to a diminishing of harmful behaviors within our prison systems. It is his exceptional talent for coaching people from all walks of life that has prompted San Quentin to welcome ICF into the lives of their inmates based upon BJ’s successful collaboration with ICF’s established program at Folsom Prison. He understands that transformation can only occur by walking through the darkness, and his commitment to this work is driven by his personal awareness of what is required to heal; trust, guidance and self respect.