Our Work

Using the power of human connection, we positively impact each community we touch by reducing violence inside and outside prisons, lowering recidivism rates, and providing the public with transformative social-emotional learning. 

We provide weekly circles and intensives designed to support inmates in healing their trauma and taking responsibility for their choices. Around 350 men have benefited from these groups, and 60 of them live free as peaceful, contributing members of society. On the outside, we offer formerly incarcerated program participants vital connection through peer mentorship, education, facilitation training, access to group intensives, and service opportunities. Our outreach and service opportunities provide concrete ways for graduates to earn a living wage while bringing their hard-earned skills and wisdom to people and communities on the outside: 

Inside Circle Intensives

Detailed in the award-winning documentary entitled, The Work, this program invites members of the public into New Folsom Prison to engage in group-healing intensives alongside incarcerated men. Serving as a powerful bridge between worlds, participants explore fear, prejudice, and the barriers they erect to protect themselves.

Outside Circle Intensives

Our Outside Circle Intensives exist to provide a platform for ex-convict “graduates” of the Folsom Prison Men’s Support Group to continue the work they started on the inside, and share their experience as circle facilitators on the outside with open-minded men and women from all walks of life. These circles help the men successfully re-enter and serve society using the wisdom cultivated in our program.

Facilitation Training

Inside Circle offers training for individuals and organizations supporting under-served members of society. Our facilitators, most of whom were incarcerated as juveniles, serve ongoing partnerships with youth rehabilitation programs, including the Chatham County Work Readiness Enrichment Program. They offer juveniles the same tools that led to their own transformation.


Community Connections

Lending meaningful perspective on a variety of social justice issues, our facilitators are powerful and articulate speakers. Offering screenings, talks, and facilitated dialogues, we provide exceptional opportunities for educational enrichment, cultural exchange, community partnership, and volunteerism in corporate, educational, and public settings.  

Get Involved

If you’d like to attend an event or bring facilitators to your school, company, or nonprofit service agency for an interactive film screening, keynote, or training, email us at info@insidecircle.org