365 Poems & Meditations

The Folsom Prison Daybook

Despair, Grief, Hope and Art 

Come to Consciousness Each Day

Carl Jung said that there is no coming to consciousness without pain and this truth lives in every word of our deeply moving poetry and meditation anthology. Painstakingly compiled by inmate Bernard Gordon,  The Folsom Daybook reveals the despair and grief of prison life alongside the hope and profound beauty found within the human spirit. Let it inspire and unlock the depths of your heart each day. 

Revered elder, Don Morrison, writes:

I don’t know anyone who can completely describe all the aspects of prison life, even the men who have lived there for many years. The poetry in this book captures those scenes in vivid detail, as much as is possible. Two main concepts in this compilation are prison life and The Men’s Support Group. 

Men’s Support Group was sacred space created by an inmate, Patrick Nolan with the help of Chaplain Dennis Merino…Most of these poems were composed between 1997 and 2005. The word smithing is still going on and the transformations are continuing thanks to all the volunteers and the prisoners sick and tired of being sick and tired.

All sales benefit Inside Circle’s ongoing prison healing work. Support us by ordering it today.

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