The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Bridging Circles Pen Pal Program

Our inside circle meets our outside circle in this letter writing program.


We have been building our Outside Circle community over last few years supporting women and men from the street – a.k.a the un-incarcerated – on personal growth journeys in the same way we’ve supported men behind bars for over 20 years. We run Inside Circle Intensives and Outside Circle Intensives – inside of prison and outside of prison. Now that Spirit, or life if you prefer, has locked us all down on both sides of the barbed wire, it’s time to bridge these parallel growth journeys. What can we learn from each other?

Lockdown on the inside is a bit rougher than what’s going down in our living rooms and kitchens but like us, they can’t congregate to do their work. They can’t meet in the chapel. They can’t host men from the street for training intensives. They need to check-in with a community. They need to be heard. They need to know they have not been forgotten. They have medicine to share and need to feel that they can be of service to others, to you.

Can you reflect on your life and share a part of yourself, your medicine, on paper? Can you check-in by hand?